The 8 Best Wireless Speakers You Can Buy in 2017

A party ain’t a party without some wireless speakers blasting music. Wireless and Bluetooth speakers. Something you see around a lot more thanks to the uprising of mobile phones. When you’re at a small party, a gathering, or just relaxing in your room, having a Bluetooth speaker around is so easy. And everyone can

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The Best Android Phones You Can Buy In 2017

When you can’t find the droids you’re looking for. With Apple’s IOS market share slowly sinking, it can be said that since it’s introduction in 2007 Android has slowly taking over the world. Although criticized by some for it being bloated, it still is a pretty mobile OS to work with. Not only developer’s

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The Best 4K Monitors To Buy In 2017

See the world crisp and clear, with the best 4K monitors. With the full-HD craze years ago, we’re in the midst of having to buy new monitor equipment again. Only this time it’s called 4K. The quality we’re heading to has changed dramatically compared what we’re used now. Not once, not twice, but up

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The Best CPU You Can Buy In 2017

The computer market is always moving. The moment you buy something, it’s old again. And the CPU market is probably one of the worst. At Black Friday i bought the newest of the newest. Only 2 weeks later they were planning on releasing the next version. Oh well. Fact is, if you buy a

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15 Movies That Will Leave You Emotionally Drained.

To be fair i’m more of an action and comedy guy. But there are a lot of movies I’ve seen, sometimes even forced (not like Clockwork Orange though, just.. school). The only ones that really left impressions are the drama type. And this list will show you what movies will forever make you feel

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Sources Of The World’s 15 Biggest Rivers.

Whoops. Sorry about the nature posts. Must be the time of the year. And the fact that Discovery is on a lot. Because i love scientific stuff. One of these questions I’d always like to know is, where does a stream begin. How far do you need to go before you can call it

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