13 Hilarious And Sexist Dating Tips From 1938.

To see these pictures with their comments, i don’t think anything has changed the last one hundred years. Apart from the feminism ofcourse. Yep, feminism.

Thank god we can still laugh about the past.

01 - 291svnO

02 - Xl1uwJW

03 - XDmfM3l

04 - CrDLbIl

05 - TMYN4B7

06 - sXcV7ut

07 - uW8csS6

08 - 4gY62IY

09 - cTFxKlF

10 - ar0cu3F

11 - hZx4CaW

12 - rhCEPmK

13 - G8vkM8l

Source: Imgur.

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