14 Things That Fit Perfectly And Somehow Feel Oddly Satisfying.

This post is dedicated to things that somehow feel good. When you see them it’s satisfying, even though you don’t always know why.

Personally i get a very tingly feeling when i touch wood that’s sanded to perfection. You suddenly feel the inside of your hands go all tingly. Writing this now gets it going, so i’m just gonna show some pictures about things that fit perfectly. So i can tingle on.

01 - YrnUedz

02 - urHNPfL

03 - ZWnDeib

04 - PdSz7lH


06 - mBIJPx6

07 - OG78dAe

08 - PZmObsm

09 - CZMaUb7

10 - Z60VyJn

11 - TsGDIXH

12 - PAvS7YD

13 - f3cbZE1

14 - uJqssgJ

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