17 Examples Of What A Bad Decision Looks Like.

Gotta love Darwin. Sure these people are still alive so they won’t win an award, but sure as hell they’re nominated.

The following photos consist of people making very bad life choices. Mostly thanks to themselves, and their grammar. Or well, you got the tattoo done by some random kid in the street, while riding on a roller-coaster.

Some just don’t want a job. That’s okay, keep on complaining that everyone is discrimination you. Sure as hell has nothing to do with you.

01 - YRIsrGN

02 - Z6t8kbh

03 - r9vT00U

04 - uEci3Zd

05 - oIGSWdz

06 - iQpy2ZU

07 - TmIps9i

08 - zSr9VBr

09 - jDhVn7D

10 - 8RJhzYK

11 - 1WjC2go

12 - I9UBXTj

13 - 1GQvusc

14 - KLCz92k

15 - VznWITE

16 - Ps5acn4

17 - 3Q90ZTL

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