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25 Movie Posters Made In Minecraft.

Minecraft, the creator of everything. There is no limit in this game in what you can make. Yes it will be blocky, but sure as hell there are some creative people out there. But with 15 millions sold on the PC just alone, you can expect some around. These people got creative with movie

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The Humor Of Pope John XXIII. Best Pope Ever?

Pope John XXIII Is Going To Formally Become A Saint This Sunday. And although I’m not a religious person, i do have a lot more respect for the pope nowadays. This guy is somewhat ‘younger’, but also more down-to-earth. He shows a lot more compassion towards the people than the old one. And he

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The World’s Longest Conveyor Belt.

When you think about transportation, a conveyor belt isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind. Trucks, trains, boats and airplanes, those are some of the things that we associate with that industry. But think again. Most of the world’s industrial operations, like mining, rely heavily on conveyor belts. Yes, huge mining trucks

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5 Insane Religious Cults That Are Active Today.

From Jim Jones to the Manson family, cults evoke the frightening image of glassy-eyed followers willing to kill or be killed at the whim of their leader. There are always idiots who take it too far. These fanatical organizations aren’t just relics of the recent past, however. Here are five modern-day cults you might

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