22 Brilliant Views That You Must Have Seen. That’s What We Call Earthporn!

I’m not a huge traveler myself. But i can’t deny that when i see some of these pictures i get the urge to do something. See something of the world. Thanks to camera’s almost all the world has been photographed. Some of them bad, but some of them so beautiful. You suddenly get the urge to go somewhere, do something, make your life more interesting.

Now excuse me while i go for a walk around the house.

1. The Grand Tentons, US.

2. Torres Del Paine, Chile.

3. Wind River Range, Wyoming.

4. Mount Mayon, Philippines – “The Perfect Cone.”

5. Mt. Thor – Baffin Island, Canada – Largest Vertical Drop on Earth

Zugspitse – Germany

6. Grand Canyon – Arizona.

7. Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park.

8. Italian Dolomites

9. Yosemite – California

10. Yangtze River Falls, China

11. Eyjafjallajokull – Iceland. When the volcano erupts in 2010.

12. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

13. Tombstone, Yukon – Canada.

14. Morain Lake – Canada

15. The Smoking Mountains – Patagonia

16. Chikuminuk Lake, Alaska – US.

17. Angels Landing of Zion, Utah – US.

18. Kelimutu vulcano, Flores Island – Indonesia

19. Tindh├│lmur, Faroe islands.

20. Waimea Canyon, Kauai – Hawaii.

21. Kashmir – India.

22. The Eiger – Switzerland

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