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10 Bizarre Aircraft’s That Actually Flew.

Technological ages are great. Airplanes are great too. And what we see flying around the air these days are the products of successful trail and error. What we don’t see much are the failed ones. And that is what this post is about, a showcase to ten airplanes that never really made it. They

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Ten Of The Most Deadliest Snipers In History.

Some people join the army because they have too. Some of them join the army because they are bad-ass. This article is about that last one. Although history is always written by the winners and might not give us the full story, these are the ones we know that happened. These people have made

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These Are The Special Forces Of The World

Although the police force isn’t always respected by some people, in some cases because they came upon some asshole, and in some cases because the whole force is corrupt. But personally I’m happy with them around, it would be a devastating place without them. I don’t do anything wrong, so why worry. They keep

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