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Sources Of The World’s 15 Biggest Rivers.

Whoops. Sorry about the nature posts. Must be the time of the year. And the fact that Discovery is on a lot. Because i love scientific stuff. One of these questions I’d always like to know is, where does a stream begin. How far do you need to go before you can call it

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16 Of The Most Magnificent Trees In The World.

Nature. I like nature. The smell of most flowers. Walking trough a forest with no-one around but the local nature. And those beautiful colors in the autumn. Although I’m missing out on a lot of trees, because there is a thing called ‘climate’. Around here its mediocre and it can be cold, so it’s

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The Mystical World Of Mushrooms. 31 Beautiful Mushrooms.

Ah yes, mushrooms. They’re like the vacuum cleaners of the nature. Only they don’t vacuum. And posting this whilst suddenly realizing i don’t know that much about shrooms. I mean, i know what they do and how they work, but i have no clue what’s what. Which one will give me great visuals, and

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The Geyser That Was An Accident.

So talking about things we never knew about, we often talk about distant lands. Weird island in the pacific ocean. But this time it’s not in a weird country (okay, a bit), but in Nevada, USA. It’s about a geyser, made by humans. Well, made. It got some help by human hands, but then

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Colorful Snails Looking At Things. Snailed It!

Snails aren’t really regarded as cute. Slimy, slow moving creatures that often get stepped on. Also not really nice to remove them from under your shoes. I’ve put some nude ones back in the garden with some tissues, and it feels so strange. These colorful pictures show that snails can be cute. And they’re

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So Last Night We Had A Bloody Moon

So maybe you noticed, or read about, but we had a blood moon last night. Blood moon is an occasional event which causes the moon and sky turn red. A really nice event to see happening. The Moon does not completely disappear as it passes through the umbra because of the refraction of sunlight

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