Colorful Snails Looking At Things. Snailed It!

Snails aren’t really regarded as cute. Slimy, slow moving creatures that often get stepped on. Also not really nice to remove them from under your shoes. I’ve put some nude ones back in the garden with some tissues, and it feels so strange.

These colorful pictures show that snails can be cute. And they’re looking at things. So snailish.

1 - Snail looking at another snail039s ass

2 - Snail looking at a flower

3 - Snails looking at water

4 - Snail looking at a rasberry

5 - zmxaFiU

6 - Snail looking at you

7 - Snails looking at each other

8 - Snail looking for shelter

Source: Vyacheslav Mishchenko.

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