Much Race. So Fast. Wow. This Is DogeCar.

Just to clarify, no this is not fake. This is a real car and it’s going to race at an upcoming NASCAR race in Talladega.

It all started with this post in which a user commented to dogecoin how a driver, Josh Wise, who was not sponsored was racing really good. Dogecoin and the user agreed that dogecoin should donate and try to sponsor him for a race

They decided on Talladega in may, for two reasons. First it is one of the biggest races of the year and second it is a race that anyone can win.

From there they launched a campaign to raise 55k (or around 60 million in dogecoins) to sponsor him. They completed the fundraiser in less then 2 weeks and from then decided on the paint scheme and firesuit.

Best thing after that, Josh and Owner Phil Parsons have said that if Josh Wise is voted in, in a fan poll to race in the all star race, that Josh and Phil will race the car and the dogecoin scheme twice free of charge including at the all star race.

Dogecar backwards is racegod, so this must be good.

1 - ZthJCIc

2 - BWoEzm5

3 - BOZn9dm

Source: CNN, Reddit.

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