Quantum Physics Explained In A Really Simple Way.

How do you explain something really complicated to someone knowing totally nothing about the subject? You either find yourself snobby enough and think yourself better than that person, or you try to explain it with very simple language.

Chris Ferrie is a person of the last example. He made a small book explaining this complicated matter… like you would tell it to a baby. Now a baby would still have no idea what he’s talking about, but for us normal day persons it’s actually great. It’s being told with clearly drawn visuals and simple text. Like a child’s book, only for grownups..

More of his books are to be found here.

01 - VbpVL6x

02 - 4WX453o

03 - i9Bme4k

04 - TP6mKFY

05 - Av5aBIk

06 - omkUQXK

07 - lpVBzRP

08 - 0c6T8Bi

09 - hBHFpuX

10 - Sl9Rbeb

11 - ZhCt7Vx

12 - cQXaqLT

13 - xMczE2J

14 - 2TSiuO8

15 - 84x10ro

16 - kj4lGJJ

17 - NMq6YdV

18 - m4sKWn8

19 - UcWJdvR

20 - GId3zKa

21 - w20r2I5

22 - bkebcqQ

23 - xpF48Cf

24 - p76x4Kt

25 - eUaRsU4

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