Seriously Detailed Drawings By An Eleven-Year-Old Artist.

Pretty early in life you can run test, or just notice where kids are with their progression and how they will function later in life. There are kids that are three years old and in a couple of years will, or are, probably already smarter than me.

Some kids will be the new Stephen Hawking, others will not come further than sitting on the couch drinking beer. The next kid however, is a creative genius. Not just doodling around but making seriously detailed drawings. And here i am, still drawing stick figures when a storyboard is needed.

01 - alNPEgf

02 - MmHjhSr

03 - iVSSTzZ

04 - JgIc0SX

05 - FtoG6Id

06 - f5QO9Sv

07 - 1hWgrS9

08 - xn0403G

09 - 9Yn7Ez3

10 - gXIpOJY

11 - 2nAmv6e

12 - sllFWRu

13 - VPXVgtf

14 - 15HIBKZ

Source: Dusan Krtolica.

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