The Humor Of Pope John XXIII. Best Pope Ever?

Pope John XXIII Is Going To Formally Become A Saint This Sunday. And although I’m not a religious person, i do have a lot more respect for the pope nowadays. This guy is somewhat ‘younger’, but also more down-to-earth. He shows a lot more compassion towards the people than the old one. And he can be fun. But apparently i can be wrong, because before my time the other popes also had some really funny things.

Here Are Some Of His Humorous Outlets

01 - 92inqVh

02 - aHNcjub

03 - CaCIXP6

04 - Uc0DC2B

05 - eVontr4

06 - e4VeRW9

07 - ZRfArtg

08 - 1PzUlX7

09 - zVSJutu

10 - xowMQcI

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