These Guys Turned Their Roommate’s Room Into A Beach.

So what’s going to happen when you live in a frat house and you go away for a few days? Exactly what the internet taught us for so long now; you get pranked.

These guys had too much time on their hands and turned this room into a beach. I must say, that’s way more original than tinfoiling everything. Sand isn’t a everyday used thing in pranks, so that makes this one extra fun.

Our roommate went away on a tropical vacation, and wasn’t very civil about it. So we made sure he never would have to leave paradise.

1 - The party will indeed be here

2 - what a messsssss

3 - The party will indeed be here

4 - Notice the hawaiian woman on the calendar

5 - 300 pounds of sand

6 - We cleaned his room for him

7 - hjicKIt

8 - g7yZEMv

9 - The welcoming party

Source: Imgur.

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