This Guy Turned His Wife’s Shopping Trips Into A Hilarious Game.

Shopping. For guys probably the worst torture in the world. It’s all so simple for us. We see something nice, buy it, and go home.

And then we still have to follow the woman around. Can’t make up her mind, because the dress from 4 stores ago had that extra dark line that made her look slimmer, but this one has a white one and it’s more sexy.

For some guys it ends up hating themselves, their lives, and just find whatever place they can find and sit. Sit for hours until the lady is finally done and wants to see another store.

During the time a guy sits, we shall call it the time-out period, they have a lot to think. Thankfully this guy didn’t engulf himself with self-hate but got creative. He mastered the art of not getting bored and found himself something to do, therefore we thank you, Steve Venegas.

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06 - wJ6q3Tn

07 - TVJeHcA

08 - VPVwqKb

09 - cp2bEot

10 - 7N3rbIO

11 - koQtHTa

12 - qL7xGPj

13 - IwbckqD

14 - cbpuoFD

15 - 78nzfxo

Source: Imgur.

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