This Guy Woke Up Being Send Back In Time. His Town Suddenly Was The Set Of Crimson Peak

A lot of people had the problem of waking up and not knowing where they are. Realizing they suddenly are somewhere completely else then their bed.
This guy had it even worse, his bed was still the same, but his apartment building suddenly got send back in time.

No just kidding. But he did wake up to some unusual sounds that aren’t from this time anymore. Apparently his town was redecorated for a movie called Crimson Peak Here is his report.

My flux capacitor must’ve detonated.

The view outside my apartment this morning.

Odd fellows, from a different time.

They dressed up the extras really well. I wanted to audition to be one, but I doubt they have too many fat asian men in the 1900’s…

And look, quaint horse-drawn conveyances.

They just kept going back and forth…

And some of these more modern contraptions.

I was curious what they ran on. Coal? Batteries? Colonialism?

And I spy a beauty.

This is the beautiful Mia Wasikowska (, in her role as Edith Cushing.

Prepping for the take.

Walking through the mud.

Hope the dress didn’t get too dirty.

Hark, a close call!

Let’s not run over the lead with a horse, please.

Let’s Play “Where’s the Lead Actress?”

I almost missed the most important guy on the set.

Snapping random shots of the crew, I noticed this guy with a hidden red scarf.

It took me the entire day to realize this is Guillermo Del Toro himself. Wish I could’ve met the man!

They really made Market Square into….well, a Market.

More Jalopies and Carriages

A closeup of a driver and his passenger.

Wonder what’s the mileage on that thing….

The audience

This was kind of a big deal in our town….also because the shoot closed some major streets downtown and caused traffic kerfuffles everywhere.

The camera.

I came home after work (9 hours later)

….and they had finished shooting and packed up. :(

I missed most of the action.

Oh well, maybe in the future (past?) another time machine will implode in my vicinity…

Source: Imgur.

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